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Why Going to Trial is Often Best Avoided For Everyone Involved

A client begins the process by seeking consultation and getting options in the aftermath of a vehicle accident. They often end this massive life event with huge compensations and a long legal battle well behind them. There is a reason so many attorneys seek to find alternative methods to trial. Going to trial is often compared to swimming with sharks. The enemies come from many angles.

Few can predict if a tight swim to the left to get out of the way will prompt the shark to attack or if staying still is the best method. It is a dangerous game that should only be approached if the Personal injury attorneys really feel like they can get out not just intact with their client, but with a whole lot more than when they entered.

Back to Basics: Why Not Go to Trial?

The trial is often seen as a bad thing because it can often be expensive and time-consuming. When something goes to trial, many other variables are introduced to the waters. Firstly, the court has to establish its jury, which can take weeks or even longer. The courts also have available dates for a trial that can extend out for months. All of this will require clients to sit patiently and wait because there is not a lot that can be done to expedite either process.

Ultimately, a trial is the answer for when the defense and prosecution have their weapons and are ready to see where the chips fly. Most Midtown Tulsa Personal Injury Attorneys agree that it delivers too much unpredictability to the matter.

See, if one party is particularly confident going in, that would mean the case is strongly in their favor. If this is the situation, one party would likely realize it. They would encourage a settlement prior to trial. Read more on this specific situation at Midtown Tulsa Personal Injury Attorneys.

Confidence This Late in the Game

Specifically, no party goes into the preliminary stages of a trial with 100% confidence in the end result. If there is confidence on either side, a competent party will realize the nature of the case and push for a settlement. A pre-trial settlement may even potentially give the client more money because less is expended going through the motions of the trial. Neither party really wants to jump into the deep end without knowing if their boat floats. Car accident attorneys are particularly apt to see new variables because car accidents are rarely entirely one-sided. An argument could always be made somewhere.